GPS Tracking


IGlow GPS is one among organizations who give GPS based vehicle & personal following frameworks. IGlow GPS has substantiated itself as one of the main organizations which supply GPS based Vehicle Tracking, Asset Tracking and Fleet Management frameworks in Singapore.

A GPS Tracker is a Robust Security gadget which can Locate your vehicle or person or Object anyplace on the planet. GPS Tracker additionally reports any action in your Objects to a server which sends SMS alarms or notifications to your desired devices or modes.

Key Features

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  • Stop Your car by SMS
  • SMS Alerts on Theft
  • Voice Call Alert on Theft
  • Ongoing Online Reporting
  • Single Screen Fleet View



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  • Dispose of unapproved vehicle use
  • Constant Tracking and Idling Display
  • Work and Fuel Cost Savings
  • Keeping Customers Updated
  • Snappy Emergency Support Possible


Web App

iOS Client


Android Client


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