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The aceon dose for elderly patients is not recommended to exceed 8mg.

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Avoid gtting up too ast om a sitting o lying position, o you may l dizzy. Gt up slowly and stady yousl to pvnt a all.

Ling lik you might pass out; v, chills, body achs, lu symptoms, sos in you mouth and thoat; uinating lss than usual o not at all; swlling, apid wight gain; high potassium (slow hat at, wak puls, muscl waknss, tingly ling); pal skin, asy buising o blding; o jaundic (yllowing o th skin o ys).

High blood pssu (hyptnsion) is a disas in which pssu within th atis o th body is lvatd. About 75 million popl in th US hav hyptnsion (1 in 3 adults), and only hal o thm a abl to manag it. Many popl do not know that thy hav high blood pssu bcaus it otn has no has no waning signs o symptoms.

I you nd sugy, tll th sugon ahad o tim that you a using pindopil. You may nd to stop using th mdicin o a shot tim.

Always consult you halthca povid to nsu th inomation displayd on this pag applis to you psonal cicumstancs.

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